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By November 16, 2015December 23rd, 2018Milestone

AK Custom handmade knives are ideal for knife collectors, outdoorsmen and chefs

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2015 – Renowned artist, designer and avid outdoorsman, Andreas Kalani of AK Custom Knives has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of limited edition knives.  Already well-established as a custom knife maker, Kalani is drawing on his background in art and design to create a new line of handmade collectible knives that are highly individualized, personal and reflective of their owners’ lifestyles.

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All of Kalani’s knives and complimentary accessories are handcrafted, combining the natural beauty of steel and complimentary organic or handmade materials. Forged from the highest quality domestically sourced raw materials, Kalani’s custom knives, kitchen and butcher cutlery, and survival equipment are well-known for their creative design, innovation and practicality.  The Kickstarter campaign will allow Kalani to expand on that theme, with new designs that offer an even higher level of quality and artistry to knife collectors, outdoorsmen and chefs.

“Drawing inspiration from my love of nature and cooking, my limited edition Kickstarter knives will give customers not only practical and efficient blades, but ones that are completely unique and reflective of the owners’ personality, to be used and treasured forever,” said Kalani.  “As an avid outdoorsman and home chef myself, I am excited to execute and share my vision of well-made functional products that are also timeless in their beauty.”

The new Kickstarter Limited Edition models can be found on AKC Knives’ Kickstarter page, and include a boxcutter/bottle opener, kitchen paring knife, every day carry knife, kitchen utility knife and camping/ outdoor knife, and some include handmade leather cases.  Every component was created by hand from high-quality modern steel and raw domestic materials, such as Buckeye, Bocote and Iron Wood.  The various colored exotic woods were hand selected by Kalani to assure each knife is crafted with the absolute highest grade materials and superior quality.

The Kickstarter prototypes have passed Kalani’s strict quality control tests and each one is now ready to be handmade for Kickstarter backers only.  The Kickstarter funds will be used to secure a larger facility, professional grade tools and equipment, and to secure additional raw materials.  The project timeline and various contribution levels and rewards are also outlined on the Kickstarter page.  The work will start as soon as funding is complete, with the first batch of knives to start shipping in April 2016.

“Andreas Kalani’s work has always been impressive and inspirational,” said Journeyman Smith Mike Tyre, who has worked closely with Andreas Kalani for the last several years, serving as his mentor in bladesmithing.  “He has a natural feel for metalworking, and his attention to detail is admirable.  His knives are truly works of art, and I’m excited to see him take his knife making skills to the next level with this Kickstarter campaign.”

About Andreas Kalani / AK Custom Knives

Andreas Kalani, owner of AK Custom Knives, has been doing metal work and making custom knives for close to a decade.  He is a member of the Southern California Blades Knife Collectors Club, California Knifemakers Association, and the American Bladesmith Society where he is currently working to achieve the “Journeyman Smith” level, followed by the “Master Smith” designation.  His background in art and design provides a strong foundation for his work.  While mastering his knifemaking craft, he worked in the corporate world, where he has 20 years of design, web development and technology prototyping.  Since childhood he has been using metal and wire to create sculpture and jewelry.  His introduction to knife making was on a truly small scale, when he started making miniature swords and knives for his AndyMan series of wire sculptures, which have been showcased in well-known galleries throughout Europe and Southern California.  As his skills in sculpture and miniatures progressed, it was a natural evolution for him to scale his knives up, making them for human hands.  Concealed within every one of AK Custom Knives’ creations are the individual elements of life-lasting quality and permanence.  He is inspired to leave a legacy of beautiful knives and cutlery, each one executed by hand and forged to last for generations.  More information can be found at  Follow AK Custom Knives on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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