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I was almost in tears with its beauty and detail

I was introduced to Andreas’ work by my fiancé who would share with me photos of the beautiful craftsmanship of his knife handles, especially in the Natural Galaxy Collection. We had recently taken a trip to Thailand to experience some of his family backgrounds. During our stay, we picked a handful of tiny shells from the beaches of Krabi. Along with the shells, I brought back some beautiful blue dehydrated pea flower but had no idea what to do with these keepsakes. I decided I would incorporate these elements into a knife because what better gift to give a Chef than a knife crafted from an amazing bladesmith. I reached out to Andreas, who was extremely prompt with his response. His excitement and passion was obvious from our first conversation. We discussed some ideas and he gave me some suggestions to consider to truly make this more than a gift but an heirloom. After incorporating a few other memorable items, Andreas drafted up the ideal vision of what I was looking for. He was genuine and extremely thorough throughout the entire process, updating me as the months went by.
Upon completion, the knife was shipped out in perfect time for Christmas. I was almost in tears with its beauty and detail, but more with the excitement and anticipation of sharing this treasure and memory with my fiancé. He was speechless of course. In his words, “the craftsmanship of the knife is phenomenal, well balanced with beautiful blade work. The feel of the knife is both comfortable and natural.” I cannot thank Andreas enough for making an idea come to fruition and memory last forever.