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I have already booked another class with Andreas

I have been a bladesmith hobbyist for about 1 year. All my knowledge was learned through good ole youtube, reading books, and blogs. I wanted to further my knowledge by finding a basic bladesmithing class and found AK University.

I’ve been following @andreaskalani for quite some time, so I was thrilled to see that someone of his caliber offers these classes. Going into the class, I was slightly intimidated and concerned about how the class would go. However, those concerns immediately went away the moment I stepped into his shop.
Andreas was very patient with me, took extra time to explain things to me, and made it fun and easy to learn. He was able to create a balance of pushing for excellence, all while being reasonable to my limited skill set. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a full-time bladesmith, or someone with zero experience just looking to create a family heirloom, this class is for you.
I have already booked another class with Andreas and look forward to booking more!