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Coolest Chef Knives

I have only purchased the”normal” Chefs Knives my entire career and we all know the names. I just happened to find Mr. Kalani somehow, probably FaceBook and began following him and that instantly drew me to his website. It took months and months of debate before finding my set. I will just say the anticipation of the delivery drove me crazy! When they came, it was like Christmas as a kiddo. I couldn’t believe the focus in detail. The weight & balance, the handles ergonomically thought out and even the packaging. Everything about my purchase was pure artistry and I am happy to say I own an original set of knives that are not mass produced. Just wanting for AK to slip up again on something I can’t pass up, I want them all but have to choose wisely.

AK, you’ll see another purchase in the future! Thanks again for creating a true masterpiece of a set.