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Awe-Stricken Each Time

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Mr. Kalani several times. I have purchased 11 blades thus far, and have been awe-stricken each time I unwrap one. They are works of art, everyone. They are built well and handle the tasks I ask of them without hesitation or even an inkling of strain. The kitchen knives are balanced and fit the hand perfectly. It is like an extension of my body when I handle one of these knives, almost as if they know what they are supposed to do. The handles are beautifully crafted and colored to suit any desire. I find that it is not a bad idea to just let the artist run with what he feels and let the masterpiece come to life in his skillful hands. The field dressing blades that I have are high carbon and hold an edge like no other knife I’ve used. Truly the Ferrari of blades! I would recommend AK custom knives to anyone who appreciates the quality craftsmanship as much as the unfaltering performance of their tools. The unparalleled beauty is just icing on the cake. Can’t go wrong with Andreas at the forge.