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An extremely humble master of his craft.

I commissioned Andreas to build a set of knives for my brother and I as a tribute to our late father. What we ended up with are two beautiful knives which will be in our family long after we are gone. This was an idea I had had for a while, and when my youngest daughter and I went shed hunting in March of 2017 we found antlers which made me press forward. With a lot of good fortune, the project landed in the hands of Andreas. He listened to all of my ideas and incorporated them into the project in the most creative of ways. His attention to every detail is both amazing and admirable, I believe he is a master of his work, yet in talking to him you will hear of all the things he is yet to learn. I was able to present my brother with his knife on my fathers birthday just a few weeks ago, the emotion it brought was more than I expected, but exactly what Andreas and I were going for. A truly priceless tribute to the man who gave so much to all he came in touch with. I would recommend Andreas and his work to anyone who considering any form of the project. You are dealing with someone who will go above and beyond and deliver a functional piece of art.