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All of my expectations were exceeded and then some

I have followed Andreas on social media for almost four years and have seen his amazing knife-making abilities, so when I saw he was offering a knife-making class, I immediately jumped on it! All of my expectations were exceeded and then some. Andreas takes the student through every single aspect of making a knife…from designing it on paper to grinding and heat treatment to handle design and finish sanding/polishing! What the student is holding at the end of 2 days is a one-of-a-kind, self-made, razor-sharp knife. Andreas is an amazing teacher and makes the class a ton of fun. As a former military and current first responder for almost three decades, a knife has been an extension of my hand. So, learning to actually make one was a truly fantastic experience for me, and one Andreas made exceptionally amazing! I highly recommend anyone interested in knives take this class. You will not regret it!