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Usually, I think about the palette. I’m thinking about the color, for the most part, then I’ll start thinking about composition, movement, and materials. This combination of the Ironwood and California buckeye with natural Micarta liners makes a pleasing contrast; and just to add a little bit of touch of adventure to it, I engraved a topographic map on the blade (Nitro-V stainless steel )

This piece is an excellent addition to your next hunting trip, and it would do a great job of field dressing. Don’t believe me; ask @bambam0069 & @skullboundtv. They’ve been using it in the field and are pretty happy with the performance.

Sold out!

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Additional information

Blade Length

3 in – 77 mm

Blade Width

0.9 in – 23 mm

Cutting Edge




Overall Length

7 in – 178 mm


0.06 in – 1.52 mm

Handle Material

Natural Micarta, Buckeye Wood, Ironwood