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King Bluetooth in Blade Magazin

A big thank you to @blade_magazine for including #kingbluetooth with all those famous makers, it’s a true honor.

“The #KingBluetooth”. I design this 16” #TantoKukriBowie inspired by my good friend and a great craftsman @slavik_tely. Visit his profile and his YouTube channel to see his outstanding work.

What’s Behind The Name?
Some of you guys may know, and some may not, but But I’ve been always fascinated by the Vikings and their craftsmanship therefore I name all of my work based on the Noris methodology.
Well in this case, King Harald Bluetooth ruled as king of Denmark ?? from c. 958 – c. 986. Harald brought the nations together and introduced Christianity to Denmark (Norse paganism) and consolidated his rule over most of Jutland and Zealand. And since This blade is the combination of different nations, from The Japanese Tanto, and Indian Kukri to the American bowie, therefore I named it after The King Bluetooth.